From the founder Patrick M Powers

Entrepreneurs In London is Europe’s biggest business meetup and the 3rdbiggest in the world. I founded it in 2009 because of desperation… yes… you read it right. You see… I had built a successful business that allowed me to semi-retire. I was living the life in the Caribbean and travelling the world.  As crazy as it sounds, I got tired of that and sold my business. 

Then things went really bad. I made some bad moves and investments. I also got shafted in some deals and suddenly I was in dire straits. At that point I was living on the perfect waterfront property in Dominican Republic but I knew I had to get back to the UK where I had a few connections. I moved back to London, but I was almost broke so I desperately needed a way to create a network and fast. 

So I started Entrepreneurs in London and it took off pretty well. Within 8 months is started to look like it could actually turn into something significant. After 3 years of struggling, we really took off and became the biggest business meetup group in Europe and then we started climbing towards our current position as the 3rdbiggest in the world. (Only one business meetup in New York and one in Silicon Walley is bigger.

Now it has taken on a different meaning for me… now I run EIL to give back to the entrepreneurial community and we have a lot of fun doing that.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs get to their goals easier by providing a fun and caring community, plus great speaking events and workshops that give them the knowhow they need to make their business dreams a reality.

Hope to see you soon  – Patrick